Russian dx contest 2021 SOSB 40 meters band

As always, had fun running in this contest.

Got down to country house at 10 AM, replaced electric cables from East / West relays  coz old wire was too stiff cracking, redoing inside RF jumper cables also start debugging my QRO to investigate EuDX contest issue when input relay did not work properly and generating faults on all test points.

Put extra capacitors on relay coil,  LDMOS missing output capacitors also but same problem, even worse since it shifted output filter resonance and had to use 20 meters filter but no harmonics detected on 200 mhz oscilloscope / spectrum analyzer and RBN also.  

Got my arse back in car seat and went back to Bacau city to buy another RCA male cable, this time a strong shielded one. Yes, 100Km for a stupid cable which collected RF and caused raspberry pi controller kernel panic.

What do you know ? no more issues. Set QRO at 600 W not willing to raise heatsink temperature over 40-45 degrees Celsius and it worked about 18 hours  without a glitch !!.

Still having the same problem regarding antenna directivity and not hearing the back side unless relays switching, but overall was fine as RUN.

Got about  864 QSO’s , 59 oblasts, 66 DXcc and a total score of 533625 points with just 1 QSO in SSB.

Antenna being at 10 meters height I still have some issues receiving DX at low angle so I apologize to all station calling me and me not being able to hear. 73’s and see you next contest. 

Gabriel yo8rxp