Gabriel YO8RXP

CW operator

  • Linux sysadmin
  • Hamradio licence since 1995
  • Electronics home made builder
  • Arduino and Python software designer
  • Dislike SSB mode

Petrica YO9RIJ/YP9J

CW/SSB operator

  • A.R.R. Cofounder
  • Hamradio licence since 1992
  • Home made HF antennas build & test
  • Mostly TOP Bands operating
  • YPØK contest base site builder 

What we do

Ham radio Contests

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Antenna design and improvement

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Home made Radio Electronics

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Our contest conduct code

Be polite no matter what

People are tuning, testing and often they do it on your frequency. Just a QSY will suffice, do not swear, get nervous and be positive about it, they will call you back and give some points.

Fair Play

A contest is like showing the muscles instead of having fun. Winning is important but please refrain from "slowly drifting " just to make your neighbour go away. When time is off, finish current QSO but do not start another one. Computer clocks are in sync with NTP right ?

Observing the rules

Nowadays we have websdr receivers all across the globe. Do yourself and others a favor and listen how your TX sounds like, prior to contest . It aint funny to push zillions of watts and spread across 2 or more Khz in CW.

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Russian dx contest 2021 SOSB 40 meters band As always, had fun running in this contest. Got down to country house at 10 AM, replaced electric cables from East /…

CQ WW CW 2020

Hi Folks ! ARR club will be using YP0k callsign during this contest, only SOSB 40 meters and H.P. Good luck to all ! 73, Gabriel yo8rxp

Iaru HF Contest 2020

One of the biggest contest of the year, 12:00 UTC  Jul 11    –  12:00 UTC  Jul 12  2020. Our wish list for this year : We’d really like to…